Monday, April 09, 2018

One Eye Closed

Not everyone gets a second shot at life.


Willard Levhart, The World's Greatest War Photographer, is always 'Busy' in passion, lust and war. It's in his blood. But while his first lover, Catalina Chebyshev, knew this, and helped create the man he pretends to be, as WW2 erupts in Normandy it seems Judy Timberforce will be the one to force him to accept his true identity ... by getting closer to the action.


What she doesn't know is that Willard has a constant demon by his side – a duplicate of his younger self – who is an incessant provocateur. And demons can be contagious.


In their own ways, the photojournalists both desire to find a little peace and have another shot at life. If they could stop competing and open their eyes, they might realise they also desire each other.


ONE EYE CLOSED is about people trying to quantify their identities, and seeking love, as they strive to take the best pictures of WW2. As such, it contains realistic descriptions of warfare and explicit sexual scenes in the form of correspondence between two women who didn't accept the strictures of their times. Because everyone has lusts.