Monday, November 05, 2018

Cheers and thanks for all the excess

Jay is hiding out at Holbrook. The spire is the tower at the school.

I set off a firework on Friday. Well, I say firework, it was more the first stage of a micro-satellite launch delivery system. When it finally went off, it filled the sky. Well, when I say 'filled the sky', I mean FILLED THE SKY! It was awesome! And then, when I collected the launching platform (a plastic hollow stick), smoke issued from the beneath my boots. Well, when I say - ... you get the picture, It was excessive. And speaking of saying yes to another excess ...

Sober October is over, but I've decided to continue a version of it going forward. (For someone who is so interested in Identity, I am not best pleased having a sizeable part of my personality defined by a substance - however pleasurable.) Cheers!