Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Draft Chapter Two (and Three!)

The story so far …

Majors James Lovelow and Rex McKinley are being towed in an experimental twin-boom glider to their mission LZ. As they come into land, the Germans open fire, killing the pilots in the port section. The aircraft dives towards the ground. Now read on …

James takes over, but discovers the control column is partially jammed. With McKinley’s help they just manage to level off. The aircraft lands and smashes into an orchard, the port fuselage – transporting the rest of the squad – strikes the trunk of a tree and is demolished. The starboard section also suffers tremendous damage. Struggling free from the wreckage, James’ first concern is for the other men – McKinley’s is their equipment. Just as James discovers that the other soldiers are indeed dead and McKinley produces salvaged ammunition, German soldiers open fire on them.

“They’re coming at us from prepared positions,” says McKinley. “The bastard’s were waiting for us!”

James opens fire – causing the first wave of enemy soldiers to crouch down as they run – and believes that McKinley is thinking along the same lines as he is, but doesn’t like the implications.

“We’ve been set up, dear boy?” he says, already convinced of the answer.

“Like fish in a barrel,” says McKinley, also sending a burst of bullets in the direction of the enemy troops.

He glances across at James.

“Someone has talked,” he says. “Someone meant for us to die here.”

Tune in next week – … but wait! There’s more this week!

Oberstleutnant Stein Schmidt-Meyer, along with Hauptman Verner Koch, arrives at the Château de Vimer – currently being used as a hospital for civilians and wounded soldiers. He has been expected. Hurriedly shown into an office, he finds a British soldier. There is an attaché case amid the surgical instruments on the desk.

“Good morning,” says Schmidt-Meyer in English. “I hope you slept well. Or did you not sleep last night? Too busy with other things?”

He picks up a sharp-looking instrument and gingerly rotates in his fingers.

“Any idea?” he says. “Or should I ask the good doctor?”

The British soldier doesn’t answer.

Schmidt-Meyer places the surgical blade back on the table with the others. He adjusts its position so that it is exactly the same as he found it. He then stares at the other man.

“Well, Lieutenant Edward Clark,” he says. “I believe we are to spend some time together. And I am in a hurry.”

Who are Stein Schmidt-Meyer and Clark? What connection do they have with Lovelow and McKinley’s mission? Tune in next week for another thrilling instalment!

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