Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Draft Chapter Four

Majors James Lovelow and Rex McKinley are in peril: their mission has been compromised.  While they deal with an attack from German soldiers, Oberstleutnant Stein Schmidt-Meyer arrives at Château De Vimer to interrogate Lieutenant Edward Clark.  It seems the British officer has important information.  Now read on …

As James and McKinley fight a running battle in an orchard, James recalls the mission outlines.  Lieutenant Clark is privileged to the details of the invasion on the South of France due to be launched today.  Not only that, he knows which vessel the Prime minister, Winston Churchill, will be viewing the operation from.  Allied High Command knows that Oberstleutnant Stein Schmidt-Meyer will succeed in getting to the truth.  James and McKinley have been tasked to the kill the German and rescue Clark.

How many now?

            Before his last mission, he knew he had killed at least thirty-two men in this war – all soldiers in uniform.  On that operation – when he first had the misfortune to meet and try to command the ruthless Major McKinley VC – he had added to the total when he shot a sniper and his spotter, and held a soldier as McKinley thrust a dagger up and into the man’s chest and heart.  But for all his own calm efficiency, even James had been caught up in the carnage and mayhem McKinley and his squad instigated.  Hell, he had even been forced to kill a war-dog – a brute of an Alsatian – with his bare hands.

            And here he is again. 

Doing his job.

            The professional assassin removing obstacles to his task.

            That’s what Hayward-Watts called me, wasn’t it, dear boy?  One of His Majesty’s killers for the duration?  By Appointment, the commander had added.  But then, Big C doesn’t have to bloody well live with the guilt at having just killed Dopy, does he?

            “Yes,” said Hayward-Watts.  “I believe it would be safe to say the only higher authority you need, Lovelow, is from God.”

            “I think he’s too busy,” James said.



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