Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Draft Chapter Seven

Majors Lovelow and McKinley are on an operation to kill a German officer: Oberstleutnant Schmidt-Meyer.  They discover that he now has in his possession a new cipher machine.  Now read on:-

Schmidt-Meyer tests the device and is delighted to find that it works.  The message he decodes reveals details of the Allied operation PLUTO – pipelines being laid across The Channel to supply fuel for the Normandy invasion.  As a chemist, he knows there are ways to emulsify the petrol if he could gain access to the pipe.  He could change the course of the war

Schmidt-Meyer walks over to the window and looks up at the sky.  The plan he has just announced is feasible.  He knows he should rush back to Berlin with this wondrous piece of equipment so that other plans might be envisaged from the information the cipher might provide, but he is also aware that action can be taken now.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Montgomery’s plans in and around Falaise had fallen into his hands, he might had done his duty and reported back to his superiors.

          He looks down at the flimsy and remembers the details of the experiments he had conducted when playing around with ideas to cripple the enemy. 

          Schmidt-Meyer hears that whistle again from that wonderful time before the war and dives into the pool to advance towards his future.

“How far is Brest from here?” he says.  And then pauses again.  “Never mind, Verner.  Get Yohann back in here.  I need him to get me in touch with General Ramcke.  He’s the commander there, now.” 

He turns to Clark.

“I’d like to borrow your Lysander.  Where exactly did you leave it?”

I will continue to post extracts of the rest of this work, but I’m afraid I can’t let you know much more than than I have already.  It would only spoil the fun …. J

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