Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banker Fraud and Other Truths

Fraud: criminal deception; the use of false representation to gain an unjust advantage.  That's what it says in my dictionary and I suppose the general gist of it is the same in law, so how come no-one from Barclays is being charged with it?  Would it be because if MPs tried to influence the police to enforce the law, a swathe of their number might have to face up to the same charge regarding their expenses?  In my opinion, it is clearly apparent why the government are pressing ahead with The Snooper's Charter: they want to try to get wind of when the revolution is going to start.  We're supposed to equal in the eyes of the law, but that is patently not the case.  I would be interested to know the tipping point of what your net income has to be before you are financially able to wriggle through those tax loopholes and avoid any repercussions of breaking the law when committing fraud.  We are NOT all in this together ...
And Other Truths?
Unlike a number of writers I read about, I have never suffered Writer's Block.  In fact, the reverse is true.  At the moment I am currently playing around with myriad ideas for my next novel and it is an exercise in harvesting to sort which one(s) I want to run with.  Given how the majority of British society is failing to acknowledge it has slept-walked into the nearest thing to a police state this country has to offer, I'm interested in exploring what's just around the corner.  The trouble is, George Orwell came up with the template on the Isle of Jura.  I'll devise my own spin – I'll harvest only the strongest stalks of wheat – but it is a bit dispiriting to realise that as I cast around for an angle on the technological dystopia I envisage, I only have to listen to the news to be reminded that are already living in a You-Are-A-Suspect-Until-Proven-Innocent society.   Of course, as I believe in evolution, I'm certain the savvy amongst us will devise the means to keep below the radar and maintain a sense of The Individual.  Enjoy the ride ...
Meanwhile, try not to do the stupid things that stupid people do.

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