Monday, October 22, 2012

Chain Reaction

I can clearly identify the two decisions which would subsequently lead me to the first meeting with the woman who would be my wife. Firstly, I decided to go to a particular fancy dress party instead of elsewhere. Secondly, I went dressed as a mercenary (I charged 10p for a water-pistol 'assassination') and it was there I met a woman who would be my girl-friend for the next three years. She, in turn, was the person who put me in touch with my landlord-to-be during the mid-Eighties, and it was he who arranged the blind date with the best friend of the woman who would eventually marry me. (They are no-longer close friends. Surprised?)
Yesterday, another chain of events was set in motion.
On a whim, I attempted to adjust the shifter/brake lever combo on my main bike. I broke it. The replacements are going to cost rather a lot. As I could not do my normal long run this morning on the bike as I am rather fond of having brakes, I went for a short amble on my new acquisition: My father-in-law's Gent's Bike he gave me. During the ride (somewhere near where the photo was taken) my reading-glasses' case fell from my back pocket. When I picked it up, I failed to notice that the glasses themselves had fallen out. By the time I returned, they were gone.
My day has therefore not gone to plan and I am yet to see what other consequences lie in wait.
Oh, and the on-line site I've ordered my bike parts from? Chain Reaction Cycles.
The book I was so happy with the other day (Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children) had a nasty sting in the tail: instead of a satisfying conclusion, the author left the narrative set up for a sequel. That, and a continuity slip near the (semi)climax, has left me feeling cheated. The book has so much of the weirdness I love that I could forgive some of the slightly forced links with the wonderful photographs, but to be left dangling for some resolution is practically unforgivable.  
Don't do stupid – it's just not clever
Total recorded cycled miles since 21st July 2012: 1524 (Plus the little route I did this morning and the extra bits added on as I fruitlessly searched for my dropped reading specs.)

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