Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horse Racing From Falkenham

As the more astute of you will have gathered, I carry a camera with me on my daily cycle ride. (I would use the one on my mobile, but that cursory addition to my communication tech is only occasionally minded to work – especially if I keep calling it a *expletive deleted* when it doesn't.) But there are some things that I am just not able to capture in time before the moment passes. And a brief ten seconds today was one of them.
I had a race with a woman riding a horse.
She didn't know I was there and she begun urging her mount on over an open field just as I came alongside. She galloped only a coupled of metres from the lane, but I kept pace and finally overtook her down a slight incline.
She laughed.
I made a witty comment.
She laughed again and I believe she blushed.
I thought: "That's a nice memory to have."
The horse didn't give a damn.
I might just have to look into buying a head-cam and up-load some of this stuff on YouTube.
Yesterday afternoon, I came the closest I think I have ever come to having an accident on my motorbike without actually having one. A zombie, having indicated it was turning left at a major roundabout to head onto the dual-carriageway, decided to carry on straight instead and swerved in front of me to carry on. It was almost as if the zombie had done it deliberately. Perhaps the word is out that I'm on to them.
Don't do stupid – it's just not clever.
Total recorded cycled miles since 21st July 2012: 1342

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