Thursday, October 04, 2012

Moonpig do bespoke greetings cards. The picture above is my version for all those Tories who'd like to call me a pleb to my face, but know the century they could safely get with it was the one before last. I have spent some time nurturing readers of these blog to accept that mindless drivers are a type of zombie and now I'd like to introduce the concept an Animal Farmesque equivalence where any reference to pigs on this blog is not as is commonly equated to as meaning the police, but denotes Tories. In particular, Tory MPs from the upper classes who really don't care about the masses. but have to fake it to get voted in by them. (And shame on you if you did.) I, of course, am doing the sows in the picture a disservice – I'm pretty sure they would do a better job of handling the rail franchise. They certainly wouldn't have made such a pig's ear of it as our Honourable Pigs have done. It's simple: If you're in charge, with overall responsibility, then it's up to you to ensure you are getting the correct information from your underlings. But, as our Honourable Pigs have demonstrated, when you consider yourself superior to the plebs you have working for you, it's inevitable that you're going to to think you're right all the time. And that will drop you right in it. With that substance being rather like some of the expelled contents found in this field.
Yesterday, someone decided to gridlock my hone town by dumping a lorry-load of onions on the main by-pass. And then, less than half an hour after the emergency services got the traffic moving again, it snarled once more because three lorries took a liking to each other in the re-building queue of traffic. Seems like one of them had a good go at killing all the occupants. It's enough to make to you weep ... 
Don't do stupid – it's just not clever.

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