Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ask not for whom the alarm clock bell tolls, it tolls for me ....

I suffer from alarmitis. Whenever I want to get up early and have to set my alarm, I spend most of my time before it goes off trying to get to sleep. As part of my build-up to my charity ride next month, I set  my alarm for 5.45 and consequently only got about 3 hours kip last night. And when I got out there? ...
It was cold. I still haven't sorted out my proper intake of food and ended up having a couple of mild 'weak' spells until my sugary drinks kicked in.
I saw about forty odd pheasants – or maybe just one which became attached to me.
I saw three tiny deer that I don't think were muntjacs. But could have been.
I saw a couple of birds of prey that were definitely not kestrels. These looked capable of nabbing a spring lamb.
I saw a flock of sheep with some nervous lambs.
And I cycled over 72 miles.
I may not do much else today ...

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