Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Head down, pushing on

As I may have mentioned before, the SF book I am currently writing has the prospect of ending up as something of a monstrous size. It will be in three sections and I'm about a third of the way through the first. Some time during yesterday morning's session, I hit the 18 000 words barrier. The extrapolation to a final count is quite easy, and I have a suspicion that the other sections will be even longer, so I foresee a considerable length of time at the typeface. I'm beginning to settle into my writing rhythm and with a bit of tweaking I soon expect to split the day into writing, business and pleasure, in that order. If I can just stop myself from sitting incorrectly at the PC, so as to prevent the pain between the shoulders I've developed from getting worse, then everything will be sweet – the toy and little animals characters in this initial section are just the right side of adorable, yet cool, and its great to be giving them life. I've yet to decide at the particular age group this part is intended for, but somewhere around 11-13 is the rough plan at the moment. Whether I decide to go for illustrations remains to be seen ...
I now have a new carbon bike. It is insanely amazing to ride. In this flash of June heat, I'm down to the most basic of lycra, which means I'm essentially cycling in my underwear. So far, I have yet to be stopped by the fashion police, but the zombie drivers are still averaging about one near-miss per hour. A couple of teenage girls shouted out a request for a lift the other day, though I think my reply of 'Now then, now then, now then' wasn't what they were expecting.
Total recorded cycled miles this year: 2596
New top speed (hill-assisted): 38.89 mph

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