Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 Girls, I Cup and a chimp

Naughty is being bad in a fun way.

Jay Diamond, toy Colobus monkey come to life and avant-garde on-line artist, skips merrily on the borderline where Nuisance Inspectors live.

In a pastiche of a video clip that lingers online, Jay has released an opulent interpretation in a five-star restaurant which involves computer-simulated twin nineteen-year-old Scandinavian girls wearing snow leopard fur bikinis, himself, an awful lot of chocolate and an upbeat backing track, Where The Sun Don't Shine, from the great, and late, musician JJ Cale.

So far, it has had over three million hits.

To add to his enjoyment, Jay trolls against other avatars of his own invention with his own brand of fake invective, consequently drawing in real versions to his many websites. He pokes fun at them in much the same way as liberal people do when right-wing shock-jocks lose their radio contracts for being dicks, adversely affecting the station's advertising revenue. To help him with this, Jay runs a single page site called Trolls Have Small Penises And Little Else Going For Them where he publishes manipulated pictures of revealed trolls sitting by themselves in extremely isolated places in the manner of devout monks seeking enlightenment, with even less sex appeal, and engenders numerous comments of the type: how-lonely-are-they, bud?

Jay knows that the entanglement of the solid and sordid world of reality with the underbelly of virtual worlds has increased in depth and complexity – everything is connected. The question on what actually is abhorrent behaviour and what punishment should be meted out to those who practice it has become accentuated. And extended.

There is one thing bullies hate more than anything else, even more than being confronted (because that can feed into their need for recognition), and that is being laughed at. They hate that. They really, really hate that.

Trolls with a few extra brain cells use the darknet. They exist in another on-line world to everyone else and it is where they converse and share their hate, in the full confidence that it is not cost-effective for The State to track them down.

But Jay has found a way. And, like a sliver under a fingernail, he incenses them with his ability to know exactly what it is that makes them tick and he blandly points out their failures to become even adequate people. As a way of helping, he provides links to darknet sites which provide suggestions of methods of suicide. Or job applications for advertisers or market analysts. Since he is doing this in their world, they cannot inform the authorities to track him down for what he is suggesting without revealing their own crimes. It is like karma.

Jay Diamond has found he just has to be a little bit more sophisticated to be very naughty. He loves that kind of bad.


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