Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Birthday Monkey

On the 6th October last year, Jay Diamond came to life. Colobus toy monkeys aren't supposed to do this, but it shouldn't be any wonder that after a momentous creation, such a scamp has ignored what society might think and embraced living with a scale of vitality he thinks everyone else should adopt. For his amusement, he prowls internet forums with a plethora of personalities and calls himself an artist.

And yet he had a rather dignified birthday. A gentle day of laughing at humorous cards and playing with the superb presents he received. (His toy friends, Rex Procter and Kolly Wobble, obviously know him extremely well.) And he surprised himself by not getting drunk. Even though he gave himself permission to do whatever he wanted. Which he did.

Jay Diamond thinks he could be growing up.

Life is for living and you should use whatever luck Fate throws in your direction.

(Oh, and Jay realised that if you have an account on Facebook, and you'd quite like it if people wished you a happy birthday, it's generally a good idea to adjust the security settings so that people actually know it's your birthday…)


Try not to do the stupid things stupid people do.         

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