Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Kolly Wobble – toy octopus come to life – is about to do something stupid. It's not due to ignorance and it's not due to not having thought things through. It's due to what people call brain-fade.

She is about to go to the shops. It is the first cold snap of the winter, so Kolly puts on her hat and gloves. She checks her look in the hall mirror, adjusts her hat a little, and blows herself a kiss. Checking she has her house keys, Kolly goes out, closes the door, and begins to walk down the street. She adjusts her hat once more and it is now that the realisation sinks in.

She stops walking, starts laughing, takes off her hat and stares down at it.

Instead of her woollen hat and gloves, Kolly Wobble has put on her cycling helmet and cycling gloves. She thinks she now has an explanation for some of the weird and wonderful ensembles she witnesses occasionally.  

She returns home.

Here endeth today's lesson.


Above all else:

Try not to do the stupid things stupid people do.         

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