Monday, November 28, 2016

Silly Suffolk Chicken Balls in Pistachio Breadcrumbs filled with Cashew-stuffed Olives

The Recipe:
1 chicken breast makes about ten balls.
Select and pat dry 10 pitted olives. (This recipe uses green, but black will also be tried at a later date.)
Insert a whole cashew nut into the olive.
Blitz the chicken breast in a food processor and wrap a small amount around the olive and mould into a ball, making sure there is no longer any exposed olive.
Roll in floor, dip in beaten egg, and cover in Pistachio breadcrumbs.
Pre-heat oven at about 190 c and cook on a baking tray for 15 – 20 minutes.
These were served with a white wine sauce and macaroni mixed with chopped, steamed asparagus.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, Jay had a couple of beers at The Levington Ship, and whilst cycling home saw a wonderful sunset – it seemed there was a wildfire raging on the horizon – then caught a pothole and was thrown onto the road. Bruises and cuts, but, apparently, no broken bones. It could have been far worse, and pausing to admire the sunset compensates.
Jay is, and always will be, a relentlessly cheery monkey.

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