Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Writer's Block

Hand on heart and any other assertion clichés you can care to name, I have never suffered from writer’s block – the blank page holds no fear for me.  The main thing that will give me pause for thought however, is something that is difficult to pin down and may also, perhaps, be difficult to understand for those who are not regularly creative.  What direction to take?

I have decided on my Big Idea – the concept that should attract the reader – and I have roughed out some ways this may be achieved, but who am I going to put in it to drive it along?  My last two novels have had the zest that is the conflict between differing approaches to war by two of the protagonists, but I am drawn to creating someone new.  This will mean different problems … or am I just avoiding the need to devise a fresh dynamic between two excellent characters?

I think all who known me know the answer to that.


I am also ducking the issue by taking a hatchet to an earlier novel – after the gap of twenty months or so I can see where it could be tightened up and added to.  (I’m also trying to think of ways to retain some explicit sex scenes that get in the way of the plot.)  It’s a labour of love, but someone’s got to do it.





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