Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, new ideas

There has been a hiatus in my blog due to the fact that just before Christmas my PC became an ex-PC. So, now that things appear to be up and running again, it will interesting to see if I can fulfil a New Year resolution of regular updates and observations. (I can now also be contacted by email via my blog profile. I switched off the comments on the site as some sad morons who posted replies were just that: sad morons who didn’t have the courage to leave a name. At least this way they’ll have to put in more effort to vent their spleen … and leave a contact email in the process.)

The New Year has also ushered in a solidifying of an SF idea I had last year concerning simulated universes. I know there have been plenty of other books (and films) exploring the concept, but I feel as though I have a fresh, radical take on it that will make for an interesting (and action-based) narrative. Expect something like Blade Runner meets Kafka ...

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