Monday, January 31, 2011

This Sporting Life?

So, Andy Gray and Richard Keys are private sexists, (now ex) public pundits and the world fractures in some typical tribal schism where one minority camp is uttering ‘get a life’ to the other, while their opponents in the real world reply: ‘smell the coffee’. You hear the usual chants from the usual quarters and for one set of supporters it seems as though it’s a question of who can shout the loudest or exhibit the most passion who will win. (Any allusion to how rival football crowds behave is entirely intended – perhaps we should settle the argument with a penalty shoot-out using a replica of Bernard Manning’s head.) It’s like some philosophical game we continually have to indulge in as we stagger towards the goal of equality, forever having to bat away at those who won’t concede the point and refuse to play by the rules. (Please insert other sporting metaphors as you see fit.) Private or public – sexist behaviour is just that. Now, blow the whistle and move on.

Of course, the pertinent point about this issue is that I just don’t give a fuck about football ...

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