Monday, February 07, 2011

Sing-a-song of something

You know how it is: you sell 50 million albums*, you get a Golden Globe for Best Original Song*, Rolling Stone rank you 58 in their 100 Greatest Singers of all Time*, then you get chosen to sing your national anthem just before your country’s most prestigious sporting event. You select a natty black number, which has no possibility of a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, there’s only an expected 100 million people or more going to watch, and the big screen has just shown President (ex) George Dub settling down to enjoy the game.

Now, what could you possibly do that might, initially, be missed by those not totally familiar with the traditions of your country? Flip the bird as you clasp the microphone? Pass wind in tune to the music? Fondle yourself? No, instead Christina Aguilera had brain-fade and sung (well, belted out actually) the wrong words of The Star Spangled Banner before this years Superbowl. I did notice a bit of hesitation at the time, but America’s national anthem is not top of my list of lyrics I must memorise (neither, it appears, is it for Christina), and the incident passed me by.

What she should have done – instead of pushing on regardless as any professional does – is have a Hollie Steel moment. You may remember the ten-year old got into a bit of a tears-before-bedtime episode (without the tears) on Britain’s Got Talent, and seeing a grown-up do likewise would have been that much more entertaining and probably would have earned her less flak. It could set a trend.

* Data from Wikipedia and any resemblance to the facts is entirely co-incidental.

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