Wednesday, August 17, 2011

British Double Standard Time

If the punishment for exhorting others to meet up for a riot – at which no-one turns up, apart from the police – is four years in prison, how many years will Tony Blair get for exhorting MPs to vote to go to war on the basis of dodgy evidence? Oh, wait, this Great Britain, so Double Standard Time must be in place. No chance of populous retribution being speedily brought down upon his head, then.

If rioters are being given prison terms, because the situation demands it and an example needs to be set, then how many more MPs are going to join the yobs because they committed fraud when claiming expenses. Oh, silly me: Double Standard Time again, so no chance of populous indignation being translated into justice, then.

If the courts are going to sit through the night to ensure swift pronouncements on guilt or very guilty, should we not have had a few bankers in the dock by now, instead of letting them stick their fingers up at us and start claiming big bonuses again? Oh, Double Standard Time.

Another thing we suffer in Great Britain is Double Speak Time. While CCTV has enabled the police to catch these law-breakers, I remember being told that the reason we should have so many was the deterrent factor. Good to see that working out in practice.

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