Monday, October 03, 2011

Tobin or not Tobin. That is the taxing question.

For years I've been advocating a tax on financial transactions as a means to curb the excesses of the markets, one I will implement if I ever get to be Prime Minister, but as I'm not an economic expert, my voice has been drowned out by the likes of Angela Knight of the British Bankers Association saying such thoughts are A Bad Thing. Jump to today. I needed to transfer a large sum of money from a savings account in one bank, to a current account in another. They purposed to charge me £30 to do this electronically. I think this is not only extortionate, but pissing on my back and trying to tell me it is raining. But I did have an eureka moment. I now know why lampposts are spaced the distance they are from one another! Who was the genius who worked it out? Please tell me! It will look that much more aesthetically pleasing when we have a line of bankers swinging from them ...

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