Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer. Part 2 - The Revenge

Over 50 000 words in on the latest book, new estimate of 145 000 in total. Coming back to writing SF after three books on WW2 has been a revelation and with the experience of narrowing down what works to drive the action, this book looks like it will read like a ride down some fast roads on a motorbike. (Guess what I have doing to enjoy the sun. Only a momentary slip, officer.)
This should be finished well in time for the economic implosion due to hit everyone's finances in the next twelve months. Either put your head between your legs and kiss that little baby goodbye, or find something useful for when you have to break into your local store. Good to see capitalism coping so well with the people who really don't care that they run the world ... bankers and rich bankers.

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