Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Notebooks are not just for Christmas

I carry a notebook.  The reason: there have been far too many times when I've had an idea, not written it down, and only been left with the memory of having had an idea.  But I may have pushed the limit for were it is appropriate to do a little Sky-Blue thinking and makes notes while doing so.  Last week I sat in the reception section of a cancer treatment department while waiting on someone close to be examined and let my mind run free.  The dollhouse provided for the younger clients unleashed a stream of consciousness, and before I knew it, I had The Idea for my next book.  And I duly wrote it down.  Oh, examination went okay –apart from the fact a thunder storm took out the device and temporarily imprisoned its subject.  How we laughed as we left.  How we ignored the looks from the other patients and friends.  How glad was I that I'd taken my notebook ...
Try not to do the stupid things that stupid people do.

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