Thursday, August 02, 2012

Body and soul

By a sheer fluke, the new distance I'm cycling each weekday is the same as the Men's Olympic Time Trial.  Bradley Wiggins did it in 50mins 39 secs.  I take twice as long.  Okay, he's twenty years younger, his bike probably weighs less than my lycra and he's several orders of magnitude fitter than I am, but half the time?! I feel any belief that I'm rejuvenating this body of mine will only ever be realised if I can find some commuters on sit-up-and-big bikes I can overtake.  Still, it's getting me out of bed before 7 o'clock and I'm sitting down to write by nine with the blood going.
The latest project has been upload another ebook.  Kindle may be the market leader, but the things can be 'quirky'.  Another description might be: 'king annoying.  It is sooooooo infuriating to proof and re-proof a manuscript, only to have a 'glitch' insert a blank line where no space was intended.  It gives the appearance that the author hasn't put in the effort and if there's something I'm finally learning is that you just can't beat hard work and persistence and it's a bugger when others get the wrong impression.  Go ask Wiggo.
Performance enhancing drugs? Nah ...
Try not to do the stupid things that stupid people do.    

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