Thursday, September 20, 2012

Werewolves and windows

More additions to the zombie bait collection today – aren't rats supposed to be reasonably intelligent? You'd think by now that the message would have been passed on that we're using them as tempting snacks.
In the space of twenty-six odd miles this morning, I saw three different sets of glazers putting in pre-fabricated double-glassed windows. These are apparently supposed to be a little more difficult to break in an emergency, and I suppose this proliferation of domestic enhancement is a means to help repel the zombie threat when they try to break in. (You see, rats?  This is how to pass on messages of danger: communication.)
Other locals have apparently taking to hoping the un-dead can still read. On an elegant I-paid-a-lot-for-this-sign-if-I'm not an artist, one village resident has placed this warning: Beware The German Shepherd. Rather than this being a pretty damn specific (and long-term commitment to a canine breed if they want to get maximum value from the sign) declaration of how you might be attacked if you open the gate, I've decided that it is not referring to a dog, but to a European Werewolf taking advantage of the directive on ease of travel and working within The Community. You know it makes sense - shepherds have just got to be more vulnerable to being bitten or scratched.  It's all that exposure to the open air and free-range mutton that makes them so easy targets.
On the writing front, I had an idea on how to make a character a little more naughty. Nancy Friday's 'My Secret Garden' has a lot to answer for ... not so much replacement windows being necessary, simple heavy duty curtains to dampen the squeals.
Try not to do the stupid things stupid zombies do.    

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