Friday, November 23, 2012

That little voice in the back of your head ...

Indecision – not a problem I am normally afflicted with.
I'd like a light-weight frame for my bike. For the speed. I've seen one that's an aluminium/carbon little beauty. I can afford it.
Except that about three months ago I decided not to go for a brand new bike, but update the components on the excellent machine I already own. And the shop in question which is tempting me has – only on a couple of occasions – sold me items which have turned out to be less than perfect. And then there's this niggling murmur in my gut telling me that I'll have to spend even more on making sure my new bits fit this frame as there will be problems I have not envisaged. As I'm currently writing about that voice being given solid form as a puca, that old observation that Life sometimes imitates Art is extremely resonant. I wish I could make my mind up.
Or I could lose weight ...
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Don't do stupid – it's just not clever.

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