Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wikipedia: The new e-library

The other day I donated a few quid to help fund Wikipedia. I did this, partly because I find so useful and partly because I have been so wilfully lax of late defending my local library from the changes the zombie masters want to make. But it made me think about how the world is adapting to the rapid advances in technology and what conclusions other people observing the effects on society have come to. It may come to pass that writing sentences longer than six words may become as alien to those of the next few years as the mammoth sprawl that is most opening lines of Dickens is to us. I 4C a bzr nviromnt. 
I grew up in a house with no phone.
Do you think teenagers reading this might shrivel up and disintegrate into a pool of hormonal angst at the mere thought of being in such a position? No phone?! How did we function? And there were only three TV channels. Yes, only three – and ours were in black-and-white! I had to watch Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen sketch from shoebox in't middle 'ar road! And Jimmy Savile was just a disturbing clown with blond hair who granted children their deepest wishes. While he got his ...
But we have moved on. This generation has a supreme idiotic hero who fell from space from a zimmer-framed capsule, while I had Neil Armstrong and Blue Peter. And no phone! Have you any idea how inconvenient that was? Yeah, that's the real reason I donated – I don't want children to be out of touch with what is happening. And not in a Salvilesque way ...
Don't do stupid – it's just not clever.

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