Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This is England

Here's a question: how do our elected representatives keep a straight face while uttering 'doing the moral thing' when someone else avoids tax or other payments even though they are within the law? How exactly do they do that, when it appears some of the sods didn't give a damn about the expenses scandal and went for the loopholes? (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/articles/home)
And speaking of things which need culling ...
St Augustine's roundabout in Ipswich is a nightmare and attracts the zombies by the dozen. I swear this morning's addition to the quota didn't look at me. I swear it. I know I glanced to my right for an instant to check nobody was coming, but I'm still absolutely sure the female zombie driving onto the roundabout from my left didn't look in my direction while I did so. Why am I so sure? She only seemed to register my existence when I just avoided the side of her car and bellowed some choice words about her standard of driving. A number of other drivers just stared at her and shook their heads. I know we all make mistakes, but how do you keep your licence when you cannot react to someone in fluorescent blue less than four metres away from you? Because they've yet to be caught breaking the law? Perhaps she wants to be my MP. 
Don't do stupid – it's just not clever.
Total recorded cycled miles since 21st July 2012: 1886

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